Working with Maggie was one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. She provided us with her doula services, photography, and aromatherapy add-on. She helped me and my husband feel very informed and prepared leading up to labor. I loved how she was so available and open to answer all my questions. There were so many things I would wonder and research about but it became so much easier when I could just shoot Maggie a text and get immediate, thorough information I could trust. Maggie worked with me to help prepare my body for labor, which I give credit to my super speedy delivery. Maggie arrived at the hospital as I was progressing very quickly to a room full of people and she immediately changed the atmosphere as she physically and mentally began helping me work through the pain and stay focused. She was right by my side and it made all the difference when things got unbearable. I was convinced she hadn’t taken many photos because she was right next to me what felt like the whole time. I was amazed when I received her photos, they were beautiful and captured all the emotions that I had already forgotten, moments from a different perspective, and details I had been oblivious to in the excitement. She stayed with us after delivery until things calmed down and we felt comfortable and confident with being on our own. Maggie supplied her essential oils and supported us through the use of aromatherapy before, during, and after delivery— most definitely worth the add on! I am so thankful we made the choice to hire Maggie, it made all the difference!


Maggie was our doula for the birth of our son.  Right away she was a calming presence – during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.  Our baby was diagnosed with a life-threatening birth defect at 20 weeks so we knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  Maggie attended our prenatal appointments with the specialists and learned everything about our baby’s condition and what to expect for his treatment immediately after delivery.  We were beyond blessed to have Maggie on our team to get through all of this on our roller coaster ride after the baby’s diagnosis:  5 weeks of bedrest at home, 3 weeks inpatient before a scheduled c-section, 5 days in hospital postpartum, and visiting our baby in the NICU for 10 weeks. She checked in with me every day and visited as often as she could.  She shared smoothie recipes (and samples) that would help with lactation.  She educated us on what to expect going into a c-section, including side effects of medications frequently used, remedies to combat nausea (for both mom and dad), and taught dad how to coach mom during the surgery.  Once baby arrived and dad went with baby, Maggie stepped in and stayed by mom’s side – through the rest of the operation, recovery, and for the days that followed.  Basic daily activities that mom couldn’t do following surgery were completed by Maggie.  Mom’s first experiences with breast pumps and all that come with the breastfeeding experience included Maggie’s assistance and guidance.  Maggie and her family even surprised us by serving a meal in the Ronald McDonald House family room at the hospital two weeks after our baby’s arrival.  Maggie further supported us with her amazing graphic design work for our holiday card/birth announcement with pictures we took on our iphones in the hospital (since we couldn’t have professional photos taken given our son’s condition); they looked AMAZING!  Even though our son is now almost 2, Maggie is still someone we keep in very close contact with and update about our son’s health improvements.  We all made it through an incredibly difficult and life-changing time, thanks to the support of Maggie and her wonderful doula services!


We are so thankful that Maggie was there for our birth! She helped make what could have been a traumatic experience because of complications something that we look back on and feel so loved and supported. She genuinely cares and is still here for us to this day. We truly couldn’t imagine not having her there with us! We can’t recommend her enough!


"You were always a calm, safe place for me & that's why I trusted you to be at my birth."


"When I found out at 36 weeks pregnant that my mom couldn't be in the delivery room with me, I was devastated. I was told, however, that I could have a doula (a birth coach) in addition to my one support person. So at 38 weeks pregnant, I was on the hunt for a doula. Through a recommendation from a friend, I was connected with Maggie.

Let me tell you- LIFESAVER! She was exactly what I didn't know I needed. She was there to support me in the final weeks leading up to labor, came to the hospital as my labor progressed, and spent 24 hours by my side helping me get through every excruciating contraction-a constant, patient presence. She helped Jarred to help me, and was an advocate for my best care, even when my birth didn't go according to my plan. And bonus- she is getting into birth photography so I was able to have a photographer at my birth-a dream I thought was gone with the restrictions from covid. Birth will put you at your most vulnerable state. It is raw, painful, and beautiful. I am so thankful to have these photos to always remember the birth of our third baby. Thank you with all my heart, Maggie, for your support and for capturing these moments!"


"I truly could not have met my goal of having an unmedicated birth without the love, support, and advice from our incredible doula, Maggie! She kept me focused when I wanted to give in to the pain, held my body when I ran out of strength, and reminded me to breathe when anxiety set in."


"Still processing everything that happened over the last couple of days – again, we could not have done this without you!! You were phenomenal in the way you supported us both. [Our midwife] was really impressed and said she would be recommending you to future patients."


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